VIaduc de l’Ăźle d’OlĂ©ron


Image : VIaduc de l’Ăźle d’OlĂ©ron

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Transport / Energy delivery

Aware of the evolution in the current energy market, Petitjean is organized to provide you with the best possible product quickly and efficiently, by working closely with you to control all the stages of your project, from conception to delivery. PETITJEAN supports you from the beginning of your projects, proposing adapted solutions to different sites (mountain areas, countryside, urban landscape or sensitive habitat). Our products meet the current and future needs of utilities, seeking low-cost alternatives to other normally high cost solutions (trellis, concrete, multipole, guyed masts). For more than 40 years, we have developed valuable international experience in the transmission market and our transmission products address the main concerns of the industry, such as safety and reliability. PETITJEAN is also a recognized international player in the supply of distribution masts with its DistripoleÂź range.



Transmission mast

Power transport in New Zealand

Installing mast in New Zealand

Mast in New Caledonia

Installing high masts in New Caledonia


Transmission masts, Spain

Distripole masts

Masts in Iceland

Compact High voltage support in Norway

Preparing high masts for Israël

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