Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille, France – Design by Agence Lumière


Image : Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille, France – Design by Agence Lumière

Petitjean Services


In order to guarantee and optimize the quality of your installations, PETITJEAN offers support in terms of technical expertise, regulatory verification, maintenance, technical assistance and training.

Our expert’s field are qualified and equipped for interventions on fixed and tilting masts, of small and big heights.

SECURITY CAN NOT BE NEGLECTED. For this, maintaining equipment in good condition is essential.



The masts generally have a service life of 25 to 40 years under normal conditions of use and maintenance.

Nevertheless, masts are subject to certain demands and an absence or lack of maintenance that can reduce this duration. In order to maintain the efficiency and the safe use of masts installed for several years, we propose a technical expertise of control allowing to carry out a complete diagnosis.


Ensuring the good performance of a mast is the condition for maintaining its performance but also a requirement under the Regulations in force.


PETITJEAN SERVICES offers tailored interventions for maintenance and upgrading of equipment and installations.

The verification and maintenance operations carried out by PETITJEAN SERVICES make it possible to check the quality of the installations, increase the service life of the equipment and minimize replacement costs.


PETITJEAN SERVICES offers support during the installation of masts manufactured by our teams on site. Our expert technicians coordinate the various parties involved in the operation and assist in the actual assembly by the supervision of the assembly teams.



Installation, maintenance of a mast can also be an opportunity to request training in the use of equipment for people destined to intervene on our products.

Petitjean Service
Petitjean Service
Petitjean Service
Petitjean Service
Petitjean Service
Petitjean Service
Petitjean Service
Petitjean Service

Research department A design office which constantly anticipates

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Responding perfectly to the demands of its customers, this is the motivation of the PETITJEAN teams. Our employees constantly imagine and develop the products of tomorrow.

Dynamic within the company, the design office ensures streamlined product lines and improves response times for competitive costs.

In response to the current trend, the consulting firm is stepping up the filing of models and patents on products and manufacturing processes.

Customer galvanizing

The Petitjean industrial galvanizing tool is unique in the European market, exceeding the highest European regulatory requirements for environmental protection and employee safety.

These galvanizing and finishing operations are intended both for Petitjean products and also for external customers, actors in other sectors such as metal construction and food processing.

Galvanizing is one of the historical specialties of PETITJEAN. Launched 35 years ago, the galvanizing activity has become a reference in its sector, recognized for its industrial know-how and quality. The galvanizing operations are carried out by a specialized Petitjean team which also offers a wide range of services around galvanizing (preparation, packing, marking, painting, etc.).


Petitjean puts at your disposal one of the largest zinc bath in France:

Lenght: 16000 mm – Useful 15500 mm
Width: 2200 mm – Useful 2000 mm
Depth: 3200 mm – Useful 2700 mm

Maximum Load/Rack: 6175 kgs

These dimensions make it possible to treat large parts in the best conditions. If only one of the dimensions of your parts exceeds the useful standards mentionned above, please contact our galvanization team who will study the technical feasibility of your request.

If white rust is an aesthetic concern for you, Petitjean offers a solution of passivation. this allows you to obtain a higher quality aesthetic result. Do not hesitate to ask our galvanization team for advice as to the advantages of passivation.

Galvanization Plant Manager:
Francisco SANCHEZ
TEL: +33 (0)6 03 84 01 89

Galvanization Sales Manager:
TEL: +33 (0)6 85 24 87 44



The friendly environmentally process, which guarantees robustness and durability, is valid for both steel and aluminum. Our installation uses powders and equipment adapted to the Qualicoat label.

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Rembarde d’escalier
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