Viaduc de l’île d’Oléron


Image : Viaduc de l’île d’Oléron

Custom design

High masts lights

An airport maintenance area is not illuminated in the same way as a railway station. Starting from this observation, PETITJEAN has developed specific know how and solutions to solve the problems and meet the requirements of each type of area to be illuminated. This unique experience is the result of an active and close collaboration between engineers and technical services at PETITJEAN, with outside architects, design offices and building owners.

    Minimal glare, reliability, speed and ease of maintenance. High masts installed at airports are subject to many constraints. Our fixed and mobile systems or mid-hinged products meet these requirements.
    Modern ports have large spaces for loading and storing goods. Our range includes high masts and high capacity masts on which fixed crowns, circular platforms or mobile crowns can be installed, ideal for this type of site.
    Sports facilities are numerous and varied: from a small training ground to a large municipal stadium; whether it is a football field, a racecourse or a ski slope, the needs are specific each time. With its mastery of tailor-made solutions in large lighting masts, PETITJEAN offers you the right products that are a fit with your requirements.
    High-bay lighting is sometimes required in urban areas, both in commercial areas and large city squares. The decorative approach of PETITJEAN, which masters both design and manufacture, allows the integration of large masts in all types of environment.
    Whether to light a rocket launch pad in Kourou, a petroleum site Qatar, or a manufacturing facility in Chicago, whether using mobile crown poles, circular or straight platforms; PETITJEAN hinged poles have always proved their worth.
  • RAIL
    Petitjean has been providing quality products for docks, railways and marshaling yards since its founding. To meet the specific need of the customer, hinged poles equipped with mobile crowns are among the best-selling products.
    The lighting of roads, crossroads or motorway tolls are special: the heavy traffic of vehicles and the limited space available for their implementation require compact products on which it is possible to intervene quickly and safely. Masts with sleepers, hinged masts or moving systems are the products that best fit this use.

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