VIaduc de l’Ă®le d’OlĂ©ron


Image : VIaduc de l’Ă®le d’OlĂ©ron

Custom design

High masts lights

Street lights

If you have a street renovation project, are creating a square, a roundabout, a road, an activity zone, a residential area, or even a stadium…Petitjean has the largest range of public and sports lighting, and can support you and your project whatever your ambitions and constraints.

    These ranges of masts for outdoor lighting and for urban applications correspond to the current and functional needs for today’s often demanding urban uses.
    Trends today consist of elaborate urban objects, elegant, surprising, daring or full of sobriety, giving places a real identity, helping to give a strong image to a city, a village, a landscape. Our products are developed, designed and manufactured to enhance these living environments and contribute to the identity of public spaces. Our teams, which rely on unique know-how, work in close collaboration with some of the leading names in urban design.
    Whether for parking, large spaces or sports fields, Petitjean has a complete range of standardized masts with a height of 15 to 25M, as well as a wide variety of accessories to meet the needs of our clients.


Transport / Energy delivery


Fort Saint-Jean, France

Thuit Anger, France

Thuit Anger, France

Thiberville, France

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