VIaduc de l’Ă®le d’OlĂ©ron


Image : VIaduc de l’Ă®le d’OlĂ©ron

Custom design

For more than 70 years, we have developed valuable experience. During this period, PETITJEAN has supplied its products around the world. We do not think there are two customers that are alike. This is why our design is completely customized for your individual project. This “tailor-made” approach allows us to adapt to any particular international standard and to produce a much more efficient end product. During the evolution of its business, PETITJEAN has developed a certain and specific savoir faire based on expertise in the manufacture of support masts, and has created innovative solutions to help our customers to solve problems and achieve success. With innovation and design capabilities, PETITJEAN is positioned as a benchmark for the global market in terms of engineering and design.

High masts lights

Street lights


Transport / Energy delivery


High masts workshop in PETITJEAN

City, Europe

High masts in Norway


Making of design mast

High mast workshop

Making of masts for Iceland

Prepraring a mast for Norway

Mimram mast, France

Mimram mast, picture from D. Vogel

High mast welding


High mast loading

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