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Tubular masts – Steel

  • Gammes: Steel straight cylindrical masts - top Ø89mm
  • Applications: Designed to support luminaires in top
  • Heights: 3 to 5 meters

Tubular masts – Alu

  • Gammes: Aluminum cylindrical straight masts - top Ø90mm or Ø120mm
  • Applications: Designed to support luminaires in any environment
  • Heights: 3 to 5 meters

Flag poles

  • Gammes: Steel round-conical straight masts
  • Applications: Flag Holders and Banners
  • Heights: 6 to 12m

Traffic poles

  • Gammes: Supports Signalisation
  • Applications: Straight poles and cantilever for traffic signalisation
  • Heights: 2.7 to 5.5m


  • Gammes: Accessories
  • Applications: Fixing, protection, fixing collar, console, steel strap
  • Heights:

Security Cameras

  • Gammes: Straight masts and specific hinged poles
  • Applications: For all CCTV, detection, radio network or controlled area projects.
  • Heights: from 4 to 12 meters

Options and accessories for aluminum poles

  • Gammes: Accessories
  • Applications: Aluminium poles and candelabra Captive door, Vandal-proof screw, Aluprotec, tilting kit etc...
  • Heights:

Aluminium Candelabra

  • Gammes: Functional Collection
  • Applications: extended light to the area to be illuminated
  • Heights: 8 to 12m

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